Equal parts

It all started on Good Road at Grandpa Cunningham’s 100-acre farm. I was just some Ohio kid—a helping hand at best.

At the time, I thought I was doing the Cunningham family a favor by bailing hay, mucking out horse stalls, and sitting patiently as Grandpa Cunningham told stories of yesteryears, when in fact it was the Cunninghams who were doing me the favor.

By placing equal value on physical labor and active listening, the Cunninghams taught me to find the magic in something as majestic as a field of freshly cut hay or as simple as a mid-afternoon glass of sun tea. And in that magic, you could find and facilitate stories: you just had to be open to what they were.

From those long days, open spaces, and enchanted moments, I discovered a newfound sense of stewardship and space to grow with the unmeasurable—which, to this day, continues to be the common ground for each and every story I help bring to life. The "Co" in Good Road Co. represents collaboration. Let's work together to facilitate dialogue, mend our relationships with the land, and bring awareness to those who seek its beauty and desire to share their stories.

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